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Section 4561.25 | Aircraft rental – written notice of insurance coverage.

“Notice of insurance coverage”

As a renter of aircraft, you are hereby notified that:

(1) You are insured under a policy or policies of insurance provided by the undersigned and providing liability coverage to renters of aircraft. If coverage is provided, it is in the following amount or amounts: $1,000,000 and $100,000 per passenger.

(2) Hull insurance in favor of renters of aircraft is maintained. If hull insurance is provided, you are not insured for the full value of the rental aircraft. Anything not covered under our policy will be the responsibility of the renter.

DACFC Officers and Directors

Dated: November 15, 2022

The Discover Aviation Center Flying Club maintains aviation policies that cover liability, in-flight damage and damage to the plane. However, the coverage provided by most owners, especially rental facilities and flight schools, generally will not cover damage caused by you as a renter pilot. The owner’s insurance company may pay the claim but then sue you to recoup the cost of damages.

Our policy can be viewed on the link below. 

From the By-Laws:


The Service Provider is responsible to maintain suitable liability insurance to protect the Flying Club and its Members from potential financial hardships. Any major changes in insurance coverage, rates or carrier must be approved by the Service Provider and the Financial Director. A copy of the current insurance policy will be kept on line at for all members to review.

Flying Club Members are HIGHLY RECCOMENDED to purchase their own additional RENTERS INSURANCE to protect themselves against financial liability, Proof of renters insurance will be provided by email or hard copy to the Membership Director.

Flying Club Members giving flight instruction in Club Aircraft are REQUIRED to carry CFI insurance to act as a Flight Instructor. CFI insurance should also cover rental of aircraft. Proof of insurance will be provided to the membership director by email or hard copy.

The DACFC Operations Manual States:

All flight instructors who wish to instruct in DACFC aircraft MUST carry their own flight instructor insurance.  The Club’s aircraft insurance policy does not cover Club members acting as an instructor in one of our aircraft.

 It also does not cover commercial operations such as flight instruction.  Therefore, when a Club aircraft is being used for flight instruction, the flight instructor is solely responsible for the complete liability of the aircraft and its operation for that period of time that flight instruction is being conducted.  A Club member who is a student pilot flying solo, is covered under the Club’s insurance policy.